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Adam Kay
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I love the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series, but am at my limit with this Derpy-being-nameless nonsense. Her name is either hidden from view, no mentioned, blanked out, or replaced with a muffin. I know it's her signature food, but using it instead of her actual name is just lame.

Hasbro needs to give Derpy her name back or give her another name instead of dancing around the issue. I know they are afraid of offending people, but doing nothing defeats the point of love and tolerance.

Derpy is not meant to be a stereotype of disabled people. She is just a clumsy cutie. Snips and Snails are just as troubled, if not more, yet nobody gives them any slack. Is it because they are guys and Derpy is a gal? If it is, and I suspect it is, then this is just another example of double standards: Guys can be as dumb as can be. Gals must not have any signs of being mentally handicapped. Otherwise, it is a clear indication of stereotyping and is automatically deemed offensive.

By the way, this was not the first time something like this had occurred. A while back, there was this weird show (I can't remember its name) with an animation style akin to South Park (or vice versa). Anyway, there was a gal character who clearly had mental disabilities. The show was cancelled after she made an appearance (I think; correct me if I am wrong).

Spongebob Squarepants, the start of the show of the same name, has several mental issues in his current incarnation. Yet everyone is accepting him despite it. If he was a gal (dunno what her name would be, but that's not important), I suspect the show would be cancelled almost immediately after a few episodes.

Gender apparently has high importance despite it just being a trait. I hope this changes, but won't hold my breathe.

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